Custom Projects

At Artichoke, we can developed a fully customized frame composition for your house/office.

Step by step:

1: You send us a front picture of the wall that you want to decorate, as in the model:



2: Then you send us all possible and relevant measures of your environment.

Example: The sofa measure 2,50m. The height of the wall, from the sofa is 1,30m.


3: Send us a short description of your environment and the style you like, to use as a reference when creating the project.

Example: "I like the Scandinavian style, geometric and pop-art, with pictures of different sizes. I want to use a white frame".


4: Now you just have to wait and we will send you a custom design that suits your environment and your taste.


Send your pictures to:

If you have any questions about how it works call us: +972 (0) 54.4674757 or +972 (0) 58.7228069



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